• About Playaway and Movie Checkouts
    (scroll down for playaway/movie permission forms)
    What are playaways?
    Playaways are audiobooks in an MP3 format. That means that the entire book is on the MP3 player. Playaways are small, portable, and easy to use. Students are able to adjust the reader's speed, and there is a bookmark feature that will keep your place when you turn off the playway.
    Why do students need permission to check out playaways?
    Playaways are costly--average replacement cost is over $40. Students are responsible for the items they check out, so we wanted parents to be able to opt in if they want their child to check out playaways.
    About our movies
    Why are we checking out movies to students?
    Over the years, I have had numerous students ask if they can check out the movies we have in our catalog for teachers. The stock answer is no, but then I starting asking myself, "Why not?" There are lots of movies based on young adult literature, which may lead students to read the books. 
    Why do students need permission to checkout movies?
    We offer G, PG, PG-13, and NR rated movies. Parents must give students permission to checkout PG-13 or NR movies. NR movies are mainly those produced before 1968.

    Once a student has turned in the permission slip, he/she will be allowed to checkout movies as long as he/she is a student at EWMS.
    (please complete and turn in to the EWMS Library--only has to be done one time)