Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD provides support for our teachers who begin their careers with the district by pairing them with mentors. 
    Mentors are current classroom teachers on the same campus who either teach or have taught the same subject/grade as the first year teacher. The purpose of the mentor is to provide the first year teacher with curriculum and campus/district procedure support, as well as the social and emotional support crucial to retention in the teaching profession. Mentors should spend a minimum of 30 minutes with their assigned first year teacher each week. This time should be focused on issues related to the first year teacher's growth and development.
    First Year Teacher Support Network
    The first year teacher support network was created to give first year teachers a place online to ask questions, share experiences, and receive helpful articles and information. The network is accessed through the district's PD 24/7 site.
    Peer Mentor Support Network
    Peer mentors also have an online support network where they participate in professional development activities, ask questions, and upload time sheets.