• Record Management

    Archiving School District Records



    Records management is a district wide structured method of creating, using, organizing, retrieving, maintaining, retaining and/or disposing of data in accordance with regulatory requirements.


    The district has a secure and climate controlled room that houses all district records. Storing district records in the centralized area assures the school district that all records are properly archived while freeing up much needed space at your campus.


    To archive:

    1.  Complete the Records Management form with detailed information on the contents of each box. BE SPECIFIC – for example:


    CAMPUS/DEPARTMENT __XXX High School______

      Operations Office Use Only

    Box #

    Description (detail of contents)

    Destruction Year



    2001-2002 Cum Files A-Be




    2008-2009 Gradebooks

    Sept. 2011











    2.      Make sure the same information is on both the Records Management Form and the side of each box.


    3.      Email your Records Management Form to Jackie Nethery at jnethery@ems-isd.net. Labels will be made and provided for you to put on your boxes.


    4.      Once the labels are placed on the boxes, a workorder should be done for maintenance to pick them up - allow 2-3 days.


    *To meet the specifications for shelving and storage space, please use banker boxes with specifications of 10” x 12” x 15”.


    **Be sure to use the Records Management Form on the website. Boxes will not be archived if this form is not used.


    Call Jackie with questions at 817-306-0864 ext. 6206.



      April 2012