• Creekview Running Colts

     Itinerary for the weeks of

    March 30-April 3 & April 7- 11, 2014 

    Thursday, April 2nd- The Creekview Colts will be competing in the Zone 2 Meet at Springtown Stadium in Springtown. Field events will start at 4:00. 2400 M Run will begin at 5:00 and the rest of running events will begin at 6:30. 
    Tuesday, April 8th- The Meet of Champions will be held at Chisholm Trail High School. The 2400 M run will begin at 5:00 pm. All other running events will take place after that. The 8th graders will depart Creekview at 3:00 and the 7th graders will depart no later than 3:40. We will be returning around 9:30 pm that evening. The order of events are located at the bottom of the page.

    8th Grade Boys Pole Vault will begin at 3:30pm. All other field events will begin at 4:00.

    Meals will not be provided for the athletes for these games. Please, send food or money for the concession stand with them. Make sure you fuel your body wisely.

    Phone Numbers: 817-237-4261 Boys’ office- ext. 5158

    Girls’ office- ext. 5118

    For directions to the games, please visit: emsisd.com

    Schedule of Field Events


    All Field Events Start at 4:00

    (8th Grade Boys Pole Vault will start at 3:30)

    Opening Height

    Pole Vault – 8B 7’0”

    7B 6’6”

    8G 6’0”

    7G 5’6”


    High Jump - West Pit

    8B 4’6”

    8G 4’4”

    East Pit

    7B 4’2”

    7G 4’0”


    West Pit Mendoza Line

    Triple Jump - 8B 28’

    8G 30’

    East Pit

    7B 23’

    7G 25’


    West Pit

    Long Jump - 8G 11’

    8B 12’

    East Pit

    7G 13’

    7B 15’


    Shot Put - North Ring



    South Ring




    Discus- North Ring



    South Ring



    Schedule of Running Events

    Start Time 5:00

    2400 M Run: 7G, 8G, 7B, 8B

    Running Events Start Time 6:00

    6:00 4 x 100 Relay

    6:15 800 M Run

    6:35 100 M Hurdles (30”)
    6:45 110 M Hurdles (33”)

    6:55 100 M Dash

    7:10 4 x 200 Relay

    7:30 400 M Dash

    7:50 300 M Hurdles (30”)

    8:10 200 M Dash

    8:20 1600 M Run

    8:50 4 x 400 Relay


    No camps on the football field.

     Field should be used for warm-ups only.

     No food or drink on the football field.

     No spikes in the stands.

     No tape on runways or track.