• How to Use Charms Office

    1.        Go to www.charmsoffice.com

    2.       Scroll over to ENTER

    3.     Click on “Parents/Students/Members”

    4.       You will be asked for a School Code.  Type (in the box provided) rangerregiment, then press enter

    5.       Once you have reached this point you can access music and files by clicking on the “Handouts & Files” icon and link.  You can also access the band’s interactive calendar by clicking the “Public Calendar” icon and link.


    Students or Parents Who Wish to Access Their Personal Information


    1.       If you have not logged in to your Charms account before, your password is most likely your student ID number.

    2.       Enter your ID number in the space provided under “Student Area Password”

    3.       Once you have accessed your personal information, you will be asked to change your password immediately.  Make sure you choose a password that you can remember. 

    4.       Please update all of your personal information and save any changes.


    If you have questions, or if you have any difficulty accessing your Charms account, please contact Mr. Doyle at ddoyle@ems-isd.net.