• Chisholm Ridge Elementary Dismissal Procedures
    Walker- student who walks home unaccompanied by an adult. Walkers will be dismissed to the gym at the first bell.  When the second bell rings, they will be escorted by a staff member to the crosswalk to walk home.
    Parent Walk-Up-Parents may line up at the south end of the school to walk their student home.  Parent Walk-Up is designed to accommodate parents who walk from their homes to walk their students home from school. If a parent drives to pick up students, they are asked to enter through the Car-Rider line in their vehicle.
    YMCA- student who attends after school program.  YMCA students will be dismissed to the cafeteria.
    Bike Riders- student who rides their bike home unaccompanied by an adult.  Bike riders will be dismissed to the Fine Arts hallway.  A staff member will escort them outside and assist with their bikes and continue to the crosswalks.
    Bus Riders- student who rides the bus home or to day care.  Bus riders will be dismissed with a staff member and escorted to their appropriate bus.
    Car Riders- student who is picked up in a vehicle by a parent or guardian.  Car rider students will be escorted outside by a 2nd grade teacher out in front of the building by grade level under the building shaded area. Parents will drive through the parent pick-up double lanes and freeze between the crosswalks. Students will be loaded once all cars are frozen. Staff will load student(s) into the vehicle. To help this process please have your passenger side car door unlocked and clear for entry. 
    ***For safety, please remain in your vehicle. Your child will be brought to you once you are in the student loading zone.