• Bryson Elementary School Clinic Information 
    My name is Aurora Bain RN, BSN. I am the registered nurse for Bryson Elementary School.
    The clinic is located in the front office. Clinic phone number is 817-237-8306, Ext. 3430 .
    Please provide us with signed forms from you and your physician if your student is needing to take prescription medication on campus including self-carry inhalers. The over-the-counter medication should also be sent to the clinic for safety and requires only a parent signature. Over-the-counter products may be given up to seven times and then will require a physician signature for further use. Forms may be found online at the district homepage under Departments>Health Services or the tab marked Forms for Parents here in this section.
    Immunizations need to be updated with clinic anytime your student has received immunizations at a physician's office. All seventh graders and all new to district eighth graders should have a current TD booster, 2-Varicella or proof of chickenpox, and 1-Meningitis vaccination on their records. Please click on the Immunizations information tab if you need further state information.
    Please remind your students to come down to the clinic if they are ill or injured. Students calling from their cell phones to parents may cause a serious and dangerous situation if we do not know they are having issues. If your student has a serious medical issue that has occurred please let the clinic know so your student is safe and cared for properly while at school for the medical issue. Again, please do not hesitate to contact
    the clinic for any questions or concerns.
    Health Services Mission Statement
    To provide quality health services to each student by promoting safety, well-being and health education.