• EMS ISD Child Nutrition
    1200 Old Decatur Rd. | Bldg. 6 | Fort Worth, TX 76179
    We believe that...
    Every student is a unique individual with unique potential * Effective communication is key to success * Engaged and interested students learn more effectively * Respect is a key to success * Education is a team effort * High quality educational facilities optimize student and staff success * Accountability is essential to success * A physically and emotionally safe environment promotes student learning * A high quality education is barrier free
    Our department staff is willing to be their absolute best and follow these guidelines: To be at work and on time * To treat each and every child with the utmost respect, taking into consideration their age and uniqueness * To treat school and kitchen staff with respect and work together as a team * To be mindful of department resources by not being wasteful of time or supplies * To do the job assigned you with passion and speed