• Elkins Elementary Procedures and Expectations

    Front Office: 817-237-0805

    Fax Number: 817-237-0948 


    School Hours:

    The school hours for the 2016-2017 school year are 7:35 am-2:40 pm. Please note that this is a new start time from previous years. We are starting school 5 minutes earlier than we have in the past several years. Dismissal time is remaining the same. 

    Drop-off and Morning Procedures

    The school doors open at 7:10 am.  Please do not leave your child unattended.  Students may be dropped off at the east side (Door #1) of the school by the front office or, between 7:10 and 7:25, they can be dropped off in the small horseshoe loop driveway at the southwest side (Door #11) of the school. That southwest entrance will only be open from 7:10-7:25. From 7:10-7:25, students who arrive may go to the cafeteria (if eating breakfast) or to the gym to wait in their class line. At 7:25, the first bell will ring, and students may go to their classrooms. If your students arrive AFTER 7:25, they will go directly to their classroom unless eating breakfast. At 7:35 AM, the tardy bell will ring, and everyone must enter through the front office. DOORS BY THE HORSESHOE WILL LOCK PROMPTLY AT 7:25 once the first bell rings.  We will have a greeter at the doors welcoming students and directing them where to go. If you are arriving close to 7:25, and there is a line of cars in the horseshoe area, please go around to the front.

    Parents may walk their children to their designated areas, but we ask that they exit the building before the tardy bell rings at 7:35 am. If you are remaining in the building after 7:35 am for any other reason, please come to the office to sign in and receive a visitor badge.

    Breakfast/Lunch Information

    Both breakfast and lunch is available for purchase in the Elkins cafeteria. Breakfast is $1.35 and lunch is $2.45. Students who wish to eat breakfast will go directly to the cafeteria when they arrive in the mornings. Once they complete their meal, they will go to class, if it is after the 7:25 bell or to the gym if it is before the 7:25 bell. For lunch, they will be escorted to the cafeteria with their class at their designated lunch time.

    You can put money on your child’s lunch account by bringing money to the cafeteria directly or doing it online at our website under “My School Bucks.” You can also go directly to www.myschoolbucks.com to enter the money in your student’s account.


    Transportation Changes and Early Dismissal

    Students who rode the school bus last school year will NOT be required to fill out a new transportation request form unless you have changed your address. 

    If you need to make alternate transportation arrangements for your student, please send a note to the teacher AND contact the office BEFORE 2 pm.  You can reach the front office at 817-237-0805.

    Due to the safety of your student, we also ask that parents do not remove their child from the bus or bus loading area.  If an emergency were to arise, please contact the front office to speak with Mrs. Werth regarding your circumstance. 

    If a student is being signed out early, you must report to the office and show a picture ID.  After identification has been verified, the student will be called to the office.  We will not release a student to anyone not listed or without parent/guardian approval.  In the interest of safety, parents may not go directly to the classroom to get their student.  Also, we cannot bring a student to the front office prior to the parent/guardian’s arrival on campus.


    All students are escorted to an exit at 2:40 pm.  

    Walkers will be released to their designated area and bus riders will report to the bus loading area.  Children attending YMCA will report to the cafeteria.

    If you plan to walk to pick up your student, we ask that the student be dismissed as a “walker”.  The walkers will be dismissed from the north side of the building, exiting through the gym door. Parents who wait to walk with their child may stand in the grassy area located by the corner of the crosswalk. The crosswalk is located at the corner of Elkins School Road and the driveway where the buses park. Once you pick up your child, you may cross the street in that location, with the safety of the crosswalk. If your student walks, he/she will be escorted across the street via the crosswalk by a staff member. 

    Grades K, 1 and 2 students will wait with their teachers on the east side (Door #1) of the building by the front office.  When you are in the pickup line, DO NOT PASS or PARK. Please use the colored signs that will be given to you from your child’s teacher in order to pick up your child. These signs will be required for dismissal. Please place the signs on the front dashboard or hanging from a mirror, so that they are visible to the employees. Cars will pull up, students will be loaded at the same time, and all will be dismissed at the same time. Once cars are dismissed, other cars will be motioned down, students loaded, and dismissed, etc. Please be patient and stay in your cars throughout dismissal.  

    Grades 3, 4 and 5 will wait on the southwest side (Door #11) of the building closest to Elkins School Road.  Parents may enter from Elkins School Road and form 2 lines until you reach the MERGE areas of the horseshoe driveway. Once the lane merges, cars will form into ONE line. Cars will be directed to the loading area. Once in the loading area, students will be loaded into their cars, and all cars will leave at the same time. More cars will be directed to move forward, kids will be loaded, and cars will exit, etc. Each grade level will send home colored car tags for parent pick up.  PLEASE HAVE YOUR COLORED CARD VISIBLE IN YOUR DASHBOARD/HANGING FROM YOUR MIRROR. Various staff will be loading students into cars, so we must see the dismissal card to know whose ride is pulling up and verify the correct person is picking up the child. If you do not have the dismissal card visible, you will be asked to park and come inside for security verification.  Older siblings may pick up their younger siblings and bring them to this area. Please remain in your car throughout the pick up process.

    For your child’s safety, we ask that you contact the office if someone else will be picking up your student in the parent pickup line.  Staff on pickup duty will not release a student to anyone unfamiliar.  Please make sure that whoever is picking up your child is prepared to show photo identification.

    Students are escorted to their vehicles, and teachers remain on duty until 2:50 pm.  If you need to leave your vehicle for any reason, please park in a parking space and not in a dismissal lane.

    It is imperative that your student is picked up promptly at 2:40 pm.  If you are running late or have an emergency, please call the office to make us aware of your situation.  Our staff members have other daily obligations and will not be able to supervise your children.

    Any students that have not been picked up by 2:50 pm are taken into the office so that parents can be contacted.  Parents must come into the office to sign their child out.



    Your child’s attendance is important to us!

    Students will be counted tardy after 7:35 am.  You are required to come in to the front office and sign your child in after that time.

    If your student will be absent, please contact Laura Lee at (817) 237- 0805.  You must also send an excuse note when your child returns to school.

    By Texas state law, a child must be in attendance 90% of the school year to be promoted to the next grade level.  If absences exceed more than 18 days, your child may not be promoted.  Excessive tardies can also affect promotion to the next grade Please remember, if your child is tardy, the parent will need to bring the student into the school and sign them in.


    Information Change

    It is very important that our office staff and the nurse’s office have updated parent contact information.  If you move or change a contact number, please make us aware of this change ASAP.  We will conduct numerous school-wide call outs throughout the school year and it is very important to have a correct phone number on file to receive these calls.

    Field Trips/Volunteers

    We love parent participation and volunteers at Elkins! Anyone who wishes to volunteer in a classroom, become a room parent or chaperone a field trip must have a cleared background check on file.   This procedure MUST be repeated every school year.


    If you have any questions or concerns about any of the procedures set forth on campus, please contact the office and set up a meeting with Mrs. Werth. We work hard to ensure a safe and happy environment for all children and want open communication with the families of Elkins Elementary. We appreciate your support and look forward to a fabulous year!