• Watson High School Logo

    WARRIOR: (noun) a warrior symbolizes many characteristics which describe our students: attitude of persistence, champion, brave, trooper, disciplined, trained, and survivor.


    Watson High School strives to be a community in which all students are inspired to embrace life-long learning and become productive citizens.



    Some students are not successful in a traditional classroom setting.  The curriculum, daily schedule, and classroom arrangements of Watson High School are designed to develop the personal responsibility and self-discipline necessary to earn a high school diploma.  Students who are prepared to work hard can accelerate and progress towards that goal.



    • Our students have the privilege of a 15:1 student/teacher ratio, which allows them to build accountability and trust with their teachers.
    • Students graduate throughout the year upon completion of the necessary graduation requirements.
    • Watson students have the potential to earn more credits per semester than the traditional high school.


    Beyond Academics:

    Student Leadership

    • Students meet to discuss relevant campus issues
    • Students plan and oversee: Socials, charity fundraisers, student polls
    • Students develop ideas to build student unity

    Pregnancy-Related Services

    • Our parenting students receive instruction and parenting training as well as guidance to help them to adjust and stay in school during pregnancy and postpartum.


    What our students say:

    "Watson High School has helped me to not only earn back my credits but to establish goals and put me back on track with my life.  Without Watson High School, I would not have the opportunities that I now have ahead of me." - Pablo, Class of 2016

    "If all the teachers were like the teachers at Watson High School, there would not be a need for Watson." - Nicholas, Class of 2015


    Become a Warrior:

    If you are interested in becoming a part of Watson High School, please follow these steps:

    • Talk to your counselor!
    • Complete an application.
    • Return the application to your counselor

    We will contact you for an interview upon seat availability and review of your application.