• Welcome to 8th grade English!!!  Every year, I get a few students who inevitably ask me, "Why do we have to learn English?".My response to them is "Why not?". After all, quality reading and writing often forces us to think beyond our comfort zone. Learning how to think and being able to discuss that thinking is what makes us more interesting individuals--and that will never go out of style.  I realize that not every student is going to "LOVE" English, but my goal is to make it something that maybe they don't dread quite so much.  We have some great literature in store for you this year--novels, poems, short stories, and nonfiction. We will be studying many different genres with a fine tooth comb. We have lots of work in store for us to prepare for the 8th grade STAAR reading test!!!  This test focuses mostly on literary analysis and does not include a writing component.  We will, however, write several essays this year which will focus on literary analysis.  I look forward to an exciting year.
    My policies and procedures for this course are attached below.