• Class Guidelines

    Bobcat Folder                     Background Check                    
    Discipline                            Homework                       
    Report Cards                       Liink Recess                  



     BOBCAT FOLDER – This folder contains pockets to help keep your child organized and provide communication between home and school.  It is imperative that this folder be brought to class daily. This will also have a calendar record of your student's behavior in school. This will help you be more specific about asking your student what they are learning for the week.
    I will be using Remind 101 for classroom updates. It is a one way text service that will give you information and reminders of upcoming events. You can download the app or go text the number 81010 with the message @6dcade to join the group. 
    Bryson will be utilizing a TUESDAY folder this year. It will contain all the notes that come from PTA, district information and of course notes from Bryson. I will also be sending home graded work on Tuesdays as well.

     MATH and READING HOMEWORK -  Please check over your child’s folder regularly to ensure their success. As of right now I will not be sending home specific homework pages. It is determinate on our level of skills attained to be successful in 2nd grader. The students will need to master a certain amount of sight words (read and spelled), addition facts to 20 & various reading skills. I will inform you as the need arises. 



     DISCIPLINE - We have high expectations for the behavior of our students.  Our positive approaches strongly encourage good citizenship necessary for student success. 



    A behavior calendar will be sent home every day in their RED folder.  Graded papers from the week go home on Tuesdays.  If your child has a check(s)  Students will receive a citizenship grade on their report card based on the following scale:                  

                        E = 0-5 checks received during the 9 weeks period

                        S = 6-10 checks received during the 9 weeks period

                        N = 11-15 checks received during the 9 weeks period

                        U = 16 or more checks received during the 9 weeks period



     BACKGROUND CHECKS- For your child’s safety all parents who volunteer to supervise a group of students (including field trips and eligibility to ride the bus) will be required to complete a background check.  This will need to be done at least one month before the scheduled event.  These forms were available on line during registration. 


     PROGRESS & REPORT CARDS – Progress reports are sent out every 3 weeks. So you will receive 2 progress reports and 1 report card each grading period. Report Cards are sent home the Thursday AFTER the end of each 9 weeks.  Please review, sign and return as soon as possible.  I encourage you to sign up for FAMILY ACCESS to be able to review your child's grades.  These forms are available online. 



    LiiNK RECESS- We will be going out to recess 4 times each day for 15 minutes. We will go out at 103 degrees all the way down to 13 degrees. Please dress your child appropriately for the weather. A good rule of thumb to use is to dress them like they were walking to school.