• Gymnastics Policies & Procedures


    • Come to practice dressed and ready to go
    • Girls: Leotards and shorts (or just leotard if you prefer); or until you can get a leotard. Shorts and a t shirt (that can be tucked in) are allowed.
    • Hair must be up and out of your face. Stud earrings only. No other jewelry allowed when participating (earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets/anklets, facial piercings, etc.)
    • Boys Uniform: Saginaw High School will issue a workout shirt. The boys will be responsible for providing their own shorts.
    • Small lockers are available upon request


    • Dressing out is worth 50 points every week. A MANDATORY dress out policy will be strictly enforced every class period and a grade will be given daily. Any student failing to dress out (unexcused) in the appropriate uniform will have 10 points deducted from the dress out grade for that day. Students failing to dress out unexcused will be subject to punishment at the coaches’ discretion, we call these “reminders”. Students who do not dress out at all will not be allowed to participate.
    • Participation/Class Behavior is worth 50points every week. Participation in class is MANDATORY. Students who do not give effort will have 10 points deducted from their participation grade for the day. Continuous refusal to dress out/participate can result in failing grades, punishment at the coaches’ discretion, a referral and possible removal from the class. Points may be deducted for disruptive behavior.
    • Strength and skills tests will be given during the course of the semester and will count towards the test grades.
    • Grading Breakdown—Dressing Out 50%, Participation 50 % (weekly)
    • Penalties and deductions will be valid throughout a six-week grading period. The new grading period will begin with no penalties or deductions.


    • Practice begins at 7:30 am. Anyone that arrives between 7:31 – 7:40 will be marked tardy. Any time after 7:40 will be marked absent.
    • If you are running late, please email and let the coaches know


    • Students must have a signed note from a doctor, parent or school nurse to be excused for a period of activity. A doctor’s note is the ONLY note that can last beyond one class period, and in that case, it will state the dates the child is to be out. If a Dr. note is given with no end date, the student MUST get a signed release note stating they are able to return to physical activity.
    • A parent note will only be accepted for ONE class period of sitting out, after that a Dr. note will be needed for it to not count against the student’s grade. The student is still expected to suit out and will lose points if they do not.
    • Students unable to participate may be asked to do a written assignment to obtain their grade for that class period.


    • Athletic Trainers on campus are available if the students have undergone physicals and the rank one paperwork.


    • Gym Rules: Absolutely NO food or drinks, other than BOTTLED WATER, maybe be brought into the gym EVER. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. There is no eating and drinking in the gym.
    • Gym Rules: There are no shoes allowed on any carpeted or mat areas in the gym. That goes for the gray carpeted area by the coach’s desks also. There are NO exceptions, take your shoes off if you are anywhere but the concrete.
    • ALL basketball gym doorways will remain locked constantly. There will be no cutting through the gym EVER. You must use the stairs by the Boys Basketball Locker room; those are the ONLY stairs that will be available to you to get to and from the locker room and gym.


    • The sport of gymnastics combines the elements of strength, coordination, flexibility, and balance. To be able to safely participate in this sport, you must be properly trained in all of these areas. The students will be taught not only drills to improve their skill, but will also partake in strength and cardio conditioning exercises, along with various flexibility enhancing activities. These are all combined to work on keeping the student safe and making them successful and helping them progress throughout the year in their class.
    • Profanity, degrading language, arguing, horseplay, cheating or abusing school property and equipment will not be tolerated.
    • Students will be expected to conduct themselves in a safe, orderly manner and rules in the student code of conduct will apply during gymnastics, just as they do during school time.