• Mrs. Hanna's Technology Courtesy in the Classroom

    The use of technology is permitted and encouraged in the classroom. It is very important to utilize courtesy in all aspects of electronic use. These guidelines will be followed to maintain a respectful and responsible classroom and also to develop healthy habits that will be required when you enter the workforce in the future.

      1. All computer monitors will be turned off during classroom discussion. This includes teacher lectures as well as group meetings. If laptops are utilized, then they must be closed to the ¾ point. When someone is speaking to you they require your full attention.

      2. Cell phone use is permitted. They are a great source of information and ideal for communication with group members that are out of the classroom. In order to maintain a respectful climate, all cell phones must be kept on silent. The same rules apply to cell phones as computers during group and class discussions. All cell phones should be placed face down so they are not a distraction during these times. Cell phone use should not hinder your ability to complete tasks.

      3. IPods and other music devices are allowed. However, if there are group and class discussions occurring or if someone is speaking directly to you, the device should be turned off and removed from your ear. Listening to music while you work is allowed as long as it does not become a distraction.

      4. All district and campus electronic use policies will apply to the use of district technology. This includes proper use of the internet and network.

      Any of the above rights may be modified or prohibited at any point if these guidelines are not followed.