• Guidelines

    • Be on time: Students will be seated in their assigned seat, ready for instruction when the bell rings. Students will be marked tardy if they are standing when the bell rings.

    Tardy to Class: A student is tardy unless seated in his/her assigned seat when the bell sounds.

    1st Tardy—Warning

    2nd Tardy—10 min detention with teacher (served within 2 days of received tardy)

    3rd Tardy— Parent contact and Office referral

    4th Tardy, 5th, 6th, …Office Referral

    • Cooperate
    • Have a Positive Attitude
    • Respect for People and Property: Do not touch it if it is not yours and keep hands, feet, and belongings to yourself. Name-calling is not allowed in the classroom.
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  • Rules

    • No talking while the teacher is giving instructions.
    • Be prepared for class. Students will arrive prepared for class with all materials. These items include pencils –sharpened, notebook paper, notebooks, and any other items named by the teacher.
    • Use Technology/Cell Phones only when allowed
    • Silent Phones and Put them away
    • Remain seated unless given permission to move around. Students will not be allowed at the teacher's or any other student's desk without permission.
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  • Consequences

    ·     Verbal warning

    ·        Individual conference with student in hall

    ·        Contact parent by email and/or phone

    ·        Cell Phone Jail for period/day

    ·        Office referral

    These are possible consequences.  There is no order in which they may occur. Consequence depends on the severity of the action.
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