• Schedule page  2017-2018
    Mrs. McDougall's Homeroom Schedule
    7:30-7:45 AM       Morning Routines and Announcements
    7:45-8:20 AM       Social Studies
    8:20-9:10 AM       WIN (What I Need) Time
    9:10-9:55 AM       Block Class
    9:55-11:20 AM     Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop
    11:20-11:35 AM   1st Recess
    11:35-12:20 PM    Science with Mrs. Womack
    12:20-12:50 PM    Lunch
    12:50-1:05 PM      2nd Recess
    1:05-2:40 PM        Math with Mrs. Womack
     2:40 PM               Dismissal

    Schedule for Block Classes:
    Monday:          Library   
    Tuesday:            P.E.  (wear gym shoes)
    Wednesday:     Science Lab or Maker Space
    Thursday:           P.E.  (wear gym shoes)
    Friday:               Fine Arts