• Digital  Media is an excellent class for students who like computers. The class moves quickly, from one program to another, each 6 weeks. 

    1.       We begin with graphic creation and editing in photoshop

    2.       Next, we e learn appropriate layout and design principles using InDesign. 

    3.       After the holidays, we move on to animations in flash.  Each student enjoys creating short animations around various themes.  

    4.       Later, the students move on to html and web creation in notepad and Dreamweaver

    5.       In the spring, each student creates professional style presentations. They enhance the presentation with audio clips using audacity.   

    6.       Finally, the students create video clips and commercials using Premiere Elements 11.


    Each student ends the year prepared to move on to more advanced computer classes.  The more advance classes we offer are Audio Video production at Boswell, Graphic Design or Animations at the Hollenstein Career center.