• Student expectations: To achieve a higher level of fitness, by incorporating physical activities that involve cardio, weight training,and activities that will increase blood flow and overall well being.


     Vocabulary initiatives: Words that are discussed throughout the activity and coaching concept that entails explanations of a particular activity and or sport.


     Daily Activities: Each day will begin with a roll check devised from a seating chart. A routine of stretching each day with involvement from either sit-ups, pushups or both. This part of class is NOT optional and vital to the student’s grade.

     After the completion of these exercises, choices of activities are given…the majority of class or teacher must decide the activity.


    A. football

    B. soccer

    C. basketball/ wt. room

    D. softball / kickball

    E. track

    F. weight room

    G. volleyball


    All activities are subject to change due to weather, facilities, school related events and construction.