• Meet Ms. Ray
    I am originally from Central Florida. I grew up in a town about the size of Saginaw. In High School I was a shift manager at Blockbuster Video, many people thought I looked like I spoke Spanish (think Puerto Rican and Cuban) and would try to speak to me in Spanish, although I wanted to I did not understand them.  In college I decided to take Spanish as my elective instead of continuing on with French from High school.   I was amazed at how much I loved learning the language and various cultures.  I was able to study abroad in Spain as well as Mexico.  The rewards of learning Spanish follow me wherever I go. My experiences traveling in Spain, Mexico and Colombia have allowed me to meet so many interesting people and learn more about the language and diversity of their cultures. One day I hope to add to my list of countries by visiting more of South America.
    I have lived in Texas since 2004 and have been in bilingual education since 2007. I also have a beautiful 4th grader named Nora.