• Thanks for visiting!  My name is Amanda Wagner, and this will be my 15th year of teaching.  I've spent three years teaching fifth grade, but all the rest of my years have been in fourth.  When not in school I have 2 fur-babies that keep me busy: 1 cat, Abby, and 1 dog, Reece (Out of the two, Reece is definitely the bigger baby).  Reece's birthday is on July 31st, just like Harry Potter!  As you've probably guessed, I love anything Harry Potter and think that the books are just wonderful.  

     Photo of Reece, Ms. Wagner's dog  
    Reece is currently 4 years old.




     Birthday: November 23    Food:  mac n' cheese 
     Graduated from:    Book:  Harry Potter series 
     University of Texas at Austin     
         Team:  Longhorns 
     Hometown: Fort Worth    Sport:  Tennis 
     Color: Shades of blue    Animal:  Great Danes