• Classroom Policies

    Academic Subjects

    I will be teaching Math and Science to my students and to the students in Mrs. Rose's class. We will create a Math Journal as part of our lessons.  I also require my students to show their work, analyze or code word problems, and label the answers to all word problems. We conduct many experiments in Science and maintain a Science Journal as part of our lessons.  


    Assignments Policy

    Work is completed in class is and placed in the appropriate folder in the BOB until collected by me. I take it up during the appropriate subject on the next school day. Work must be completed before it is turned in.  Homework may be assigned to help students apply what has been learned in class.  This policy helps my students develop good study habits and responsibility. Parents are encouraged to take appropriate involvement in their child's homework. This includes helping with difficult tasks, checking over the work with the child, or making sure the BOB is well organized and all work in place and ready to turn in the next day. Students should complete their own work.

    Late Work Policy

    Students are given adequate time to complete work at school.  Work not completed at school will be completed at home and returned the next day.  If the work is not complete, additional time is provided during the day to complete the assignment.  If a child has chosen not to complete work within a specific length of time, a partial grade may be recorded.  If no work has been completed a zero will be recorded. 

    Discipline Policy

    In order to create a classroom atmosphere suitable for learning, I expect my students to behave appropriately. A record is kept of any discipline problems in each student's Behavior Folder. For each problem a check is recorded in the folder. If a student earns three or more checks in one day, parents will be notified. Four checks in one day earns a student a trip to the office. A student can also be sent to the office immediately for severe infractions and will earn two checks. Zero to 5 checks in a six weeks period earns a student an "E", or Excellent, in citizenship. Six to ten checks earns a Satisfactory, or "S", in citizenship. Eleven to fifteen checks earns an "N" for Needs Improvement. Sixteen or more checks means the students earns a "U" for Unsatisfactory citizenship. Up to three positive checks can be earned in a nine weeks period for exceptional behavior or improvement. These checks are given at the teacher's discretion. Each week a record is sent home indicating the number of checks, if any, that a student has received so that parents can remain aware of their child's behavior in class and of the current citizenship grade.  Students must maintain an E or S in citizenship to be eligible for certain fifth grade extra programs.

    Grading Policy

    Each daily assignment is entered into the grade book one time for averaging. The daily assignment composes 40% of a student's average. Tests makeup the remaining 60%.  Assignments are graded on a scale of 0-100 with the number of items determining the value of each. Extra credit is occasionally part of a daily assignment or test. If a student misses an extra credit item, no points are deducted from the grade. Points are deducted for misspelled words and missing or incorrect punctuation. Students are expected to use blue or black ink in all subjects except Math or Science or if instructed differently. Students are also expected to use cursive writing. I want my students to take pride in their work. Points may be deducted from an assignment or a student might be required to redo an assignment if instructions are not followed or if the paper is extremely messy.


    To encourage my students to learn from their own mistakes, I offer them the opportunity to correct daily work with a grade below 80. When graded work is sent home on the first day of the school week, students can correct any low papers and return them by Wednesday. The work will be graded again and the new adjusted grade, if higher, will be recorded.



    When a student is absent a parent must be send a signed note within three days of the students return to school so that the absence can be considered excused. Students who are absent will be given the assignments they missed and expected to turn them in a timely manner. A student will receive one day for each day missed plus one additional day to complete the makeup work and turn it in. For example, a student who misses two consecutive school days will be given three days in which to complete the makeup work. Consideration may be given for special circumstances. Work that was assigned prior to a student's absence is due upon the student's return to school.

    If a pre-arranged absence is required, a parent should send a note to school prior to the absence. As much as possible, assignments may be given and completed ahead of time. Any assignments given before the absence are due upon the student's return to school.


    Students are considered tardy if they are not in their seats by 7:35. If a student is tardy, he or she should go by the office and get an Admit Pass to class. Students who are late because of a medical visit should bring a note from the doctor's office so that it will not be considered an absence. 

    Early Dismissal

    If a student needs to leave school early, it is helpful if the parent could please send a note to school with the student or call as soon as they become aware of the need for early pick up. This way assignments can be prepared ahead of time and tests can be given before the departure, if possible.  If possible, a student who must leave early in the day for an appointment should return for the remainder of the school day in order to have every opportunity to learn.

    Bryson's Organizational Binder

    My students are expected to maintain a BOB in appropriate order. The BOB contains a pouch for pens and such, folders for assigned work and completed work, folders for home/school communication, subject folders, and extra notebook paper. At times students will be asked to keep certain items in their BOBs for a period of time to help with ongoing projects of upcoming tests. Parents should be cautious about cleaning out a child's BOB as important papers or work that is due may be accidentally thrown away.

    Fabulous Fifth

    On the first school day of each week, the students will be given a Fabulous Fifth to take home and share with parents. The Fabulous Fifth contains a record of any citizenship checks a student has received and an update of the student's current citizenship grade. Attached to the Fabulous Fifth is the graded work from the previous week. Parents are asked to look over the work and citizenship record with the child, sign the Fabulous Fifth, and have their child return it to school the next day. Students face consequences if the Fabulous Fifth is not returned within two school days.

    Special Programs

    The fifth graders are given opportunities to participate in some special programs. These include Safety Patrol, UIL, Honor Choir, and other events that may arise.  Students are invited to be Safety Patrol members at the teacher's discretion and must maintain certain academic and behavior standards.   Students must maintain averages of 75 or above and have fewer than 11 citizenship checks to participate in special programs.


    If a parent needs to communicate with his or her child during the school day, a phone call to the office can be transferred to our classroom if necessary. A message to the students can also be delivered to the classroom. Parents should contact the school before 2:00 as it becomes quite busy in the office at the end of the day. Students are allowed to call parents only in emergency situations. Please make pick up plans before dropping off your child for school if possible. While we understand that sometimes circumstances change and new arrangements must be made, it is difficult to verify the person calling when making transportation changes.  To make a change in transportation, a parent or guardian must send a signed note or make a personal visit to the office.

    I believe communication is crucial in the Student/Parent/Teacher team. I encourage parents to contact me if they have any questions or concerns. I can be contacted by sending a note to school with a child. There is a folder in the BOB for these notes. I can also be contacted by phone. My conference period is 7:40-8:25. The phone number at Bryson is 817-237-8306. I usually arrive at school by 7:00. You can also email me at awagner@ems-isd.net .

    These policies are in place not only in my class but also in the other fifth grade classes. Many of these policies are also school and district policies and all have been approved by the principal.