• Bullying is one of the most widely discussed topics in developing school safety and security. In recent years, cyberbullying has increased among students, especially high school students. Effective September 1, 2017, Texas legislature enacted David's Law to address bullying and cyberbullying of public school students, encourage mental health programs in public schools, and increase the criminal penalty for bullying or cyberbully.

    One of the most significant aspects of David's Law is the expansion of the school's authority to act on incidents of cyberbullying that occurs off school property or outside of a school-sponsored or school-related activity if the cyberbullying is determined to interfere with a student 's educational opportunities or substantially disrupt the operation of a classroom, school, or school-sponsored or school-related activity.

    David's Law requires school districts to provide a means for students to anonymously report bullying. EMS ISD has teamed up with Safe2SpeakUp to provide this service to our students. Student may use this website or the Safe2SpeakUp mobile app to anonymously report bullying or other incidents they may witness. Reports are sent directly to school administration for investigation and, if necessary, the school resource office.

    Using the Safe2SpeakUp app and/or the online bullying report*, students can be proactive in maintaining a safe environment for everyone while remaining discreet. It is the responsibility of all students, staff, and parents to keep Every Member Safe!

    *Though it is called an online "bullying" report, we invite parents and students to use the online form to report ANY concerns or incidents. If you select a school, the report will go directly to campus admininstration.