• Practice Schedule 

    We will have 5 practice sessions per week. You are expected to be at all of them.
    Monday - after school at Hawks Creek until 6:00
    Tuesday- Gym weight room; after school at Hawks Creek until 5:30
    Wednesday - after school at Hawks Creek until 6:00
    Thursday- after school at Hawks Creek until 6:00
    Friday - Gym weight room, dismiss at 4:20

    We feel like this gives enough time to make sure students can go to tutorials or to work as needed.

    As a general rule, we will be practicing at Hawks Creek.  The renovation of Rockwood golf course is complete, but they are not allowing HS TEAMS practice privileges there this year, so it will be out of the rotation again this year.  However, their range and short course will be available.
    This is a UIL competition class. You must be willing to put forth the effort to compete at a high level.
    Transportation is provided to and from the course if you need it.  We will leave for the course during 8th period and return around 6:00 or 6:30 (or as the daylight permits).
    If you "forget" your clothes or clubs, you will be required to go to the course with us. Your parents may pick you up, but it will count as an absence from practice, but not from the class.