Homework Help Websites

  • The Infoplease Homework Center provides excellent help for students and parents needing assistance in answering questions about a variety of subjects. It is also a great site for accessing reference materials such as an online dictionary, atlas, encyclopedia, and thesaurus. It even includes games that help make learning fun. 

    This Discovery Education site includes a Homework Help page that provides access to a number of videos that help with explanations about math, social studies, English, and science. Interactive games and step by step math instruction are also included. 

    Family Education is a useful site for parents as well as students as it provides information that assists parents as they help their child(ren) study and improve skills.

    Want to improve your math skills? Cool Math is a great web page for building proficiency in a variety of math areas using lessons and games. Cool Math also has many fun games that involve logic and strategy, which is an excellent way to improve your ability to learn.