• TYPES OF ENERGY                                              ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES

    R-        RADIATE                  Rick                             R -       Radio              Really

    E-        ELECTRICAL           Eats                             M-      Microwave      Mom

    C-        CHEMICAL               Cookies                       I -        Infrared           Is

    T-         THERMAL               Together with              V -       Visible             Very

    M-       MECHANICAL         Milk                             U–      Ultraviolet       Understanding

    N -       NUCLEAR                 Now                            X –      X-rays             Xceptfor

                                                                                        G–      Gamma rays    Grades



    PLANETS                                                                 ELECTROMAGNETICSPECTRUM

    M –      Mercury           My                                           R-       Red                  Rose   

    V –      Venus              Very                                          O -       Orange            Only

    E-        Earth               Educated                                    Y -       Yellow            Yells

    M –      Mars                Mother                                      G -       Green              Good

    J –        Jupiter             Just                                            B -       Blue                Bye

    S -        Saturn              Served                                       I -        Indigo             In

    U –      Uranus             Us                                              V -       Violet             Vegas

    N –      Neptune          Nachos



    METRICS                                                                 ATOMIC NUMBER

    K –      Kilo                 King                                        A –      Atomic Number

    H –      Hecto              Henry                                       P -        Proton

    D –      Deka                Died                                        E -       Electron

    M -                                                                              ATOMIC MASS

    D –      Deca                Drinking                                  M - Mass

    C –      Centi               Chocolate                                 A – Atomic Number

    M -      Milli                 Milk                                        N - Neutrons




    E -       Electrons                                                        

    S -        Separate                                                         

    P -        Protons                                                           

    N -       Neutrons



    SCIENTIFIC METHOD                                         LAW OF CONSERVATION OF A MASS

    O –      Observation     Oh                                           R-       Reactants        Rest                Reactants

    H –      Hypothesis       How                                        I-        Into                 In                    Arrows

    E –       Experiment      Exciting                                  P-       Products         Peace               Products

    R –      Record              Racing

    C -       Conclusion       Cars




    ROCK CYCLE                                                        WATERCYCLE

    M -      Metamorphic   Mickey/Minnie                       R–      Runoff                         Really

    M -      Melts               Mouse                                     E –       Evaporation                 Excellent

    I –        Igneous           Is                                             C–      Condensation               Cream

    S –       Sediments       So                                            P–       Precipitation                Pie

    S -        Sedimentary    Strong/Sweet                         



    STATES of MATTER                     NEWTON’S LAWS                          MOONPHASES

    S – solid – So                                      I– Inertia                                            Silly - Sun

    L – liquid – let’s                                  A– Acceleration                                Nilly – New Moon

    G – gas – go                                        M– Mass                                            Can’t- Crescent

    P – plasma – party                               F– Force                                            Quit- Quarter

                                                                A– Action                                           Getting- Gibbous

                                                                R– Reaction                                        Fat– Fill Moon