• The following are courses offered on campus at CTHS, however some of the upper-level courses will not be implemented until CTHS has juniors and seniors on campus.
    Education and Training
       Classes include: Principles of Education and Training, 0.5; Human Growth and Development, 1.0; 
                                 Counseling and Mental Health, 1.0 Instructional Practices, 1.0; 
                                 Practicum of Education and Training, 2.0
    education  educ  education  education  educa                   educa   education   education   education

    Business, Marketing and Finance
          Classes include: Principles of Business, Mktg & Finance, 0.5; Fashion Marketing, 0.5;
                                    Business Information Management 1,1.0; Business Management, 1.0; 
                                    Business Law, 0.5; Money Matters, 0.5; Accounting, 1.0; Advertising & Sales, 0.5;  
                                    Sports & Entertainment, 0.5; Entrepreneurship, 1.0.
                 business   business   bus   business

    Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources
          Classes include:  Principles of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, 0.5;
                                     Agriculture Mechanics and Metal Technologies, 0.5; Equine Science, 0.5,
                                     Livestock Production, 0.5; Small Animal, 0.5; Wildlife, fisheries & Ecology Mgmt, 0.5                 
                                                   ag   ag  ag
    AG   ag  ag  ag  ag
                                                                     Wendy Ryon Scholarship winners 2012
                                                                             Ag scholarship winners
    Architecture & Construction 
          Classes include: Principles of Architecture & Construction, 0.5; Architectural Design, 1.0;
                                    Construction Technology, 1.0.