These plans are subject to change, based on student academic need. Please check your child's planner for updated assignments.
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    Week 5-6  9/17-28
    We are continuing our Chem unit. We began focsing on Periodic Table with a continuing review of Atom Structure. There is a major unit test on 9/21. Students will be given a Periodic Table Study Guide and an Atom Structure Study Guide. In addition, we will have a white board Unit Review.
    HW: 9/17: Arranging the Elements
    HW 9/19: Unite 2 RM 33 PT Concept Map
    TEST: 9/21
     Week 3 - 4  9/4-9/14
    We will begin Chemistry this week, and remain in our Chemistry unit for about 8 weeks. We are starting on the basics of atom structure for the first two weeks.
    HW 9/6: Which Atom is Which - both sides are to be completed and turned in on Friday.
    Donation Request: We would like to do a food lab next Friday, but that requires donations. We are looking for donations of any of the following: Nerds, Skittles, M&Ms, Resses pieces, Smarties, Twizzler Rope, Sour Punch Straws. They are need by Wednesday 9/12. Thank you
    HW: 9/10: Atoms and the Periodic Table reinforcement activity, Due 9/11
    HW 9/12: World Famous Table and Who Am I? Due 9/13
    There will be a quiz over atom structure some day between 9/10 and 9/12.
    Week 1  8/20-8/24
    This week will be used getting students prepared for their 8th grade year. We will have Lion's Quest activities each day.  All school supplies need to be in the classroom with the students no later than Friday, however, their composition book, which will serve as their Science Journal (Interactive Science Notebook - ISN) will be needed by Tuesday, August 21. We will review Science Safety, which students get every year. Their Safety project will be assigned and be due on Monday. We will also have a required Safety test on Monday.
     Click here for Pre-AP Safety Project Guidelines
    CLick here for Lab Safety Rules