• Library Information and Procedures for Saginaw Elementary

    MISSION: The mission of the Saginaw Elementary School Library is to serve as an integral part of the school environment, providing materials and instruction for students and staff to gain the skills necessary to become effective life-long readers and learners, and ethical and creative users of ideas and information.

    OPEN CIRCULATION TIMES: 7:05-7:30 Monday-Friday
    • During the first week of school, the library will be setting class schedules in Destiny. Once that is finished we will be making a set of Library cards with the students name and barcode on it. We will give each teacher their set of library cards with the exception of Kinder. They will stay in the library to be used during your class visit.
    • Please be sure to bring your class set of Library cards with you each time your class is scheduled to meet in the library. If your student comes to library during open check-out time please send them with their library card.
    • The first week(s) of library classes will be an orientation to the library and book care/responsibilities. Depending on the grade level, students may not check out books until orientation is complete. We will strive to get books into the hands of students as early as possible.
    • Students in Grades 2-5 may check out two books, usually one book will be within their reading level and the second book is a free choice book. Kindergarteners may check out a free choice book from the designated books in the browsing cart .First Grade will also check out one free choice book until the teacher places them on a reading level, at which time they may check out a leveled book and a free choice book.
    • If you have a student who joins your class after the start of the school year, please give us at least 24 hrs. to get them set up in our library system.

    GENERAL INFORMATION: We ask your assistance with the library rotation of classes in several ways:

    • On your library day, students will need to bring their library books whether they are ready to turn in the book or not. This will allow us to recheck a book if necessary and helps reduce lost books and late notices. Students will not be allowed to return to their classrooms to get their library books once they have entered the library.
    • Students are responsible for the books that are checked out to them. Any book damage should be reported immediately. All book repairs will be handled by the library staff.
    • If you have assigned a specific type of book or project for your class, please be sure to let the librarian know ahead of time so that we can assist your classes in their book selection.
    • Teachers should accompany their class both to and from the library. Please have your students line up at the library door and wait to be invited in.

    LIBRARY INSTRUCTION: While in the library, students will receive library and information skills and instruction, as well as a read aloud time with an emphasis on metacognitive reading strategies. If you desire a specific lesson relating to your classroom instruction, I welcome the opportunity to meet with you ahead of time to collaborate and/or coordinate our instruction. Please give at least a week’s notice if possible.


    • Books, reference books, professional items, audio-visual items, big books, digital cameras, video recorders, and more are all available for teacher checkout. The library is also responsible for the laminator and laminating supplies, cold laminators, poster printer. Please feel free to browse the shelves and let us know if there is something specific you would like and we will do our best to either locate a resource to borrow from another district library, or order our own. Catalogs are available in the library for you to look at and make suggestions for future purchases.
    • Be sure to check out any items you borrow from the library. If you don’t feel comfortable using the library circulation system, please leave a note of your name, item checked out, and barcode number and it will be entered for you.
    • Please be considerate of others who may be in need of materials or equipment checked out to you. If you are no longer in need of a library resource, please return it as soon as possible. Should another teacher need an item that is checked out to you, we request that you return the item to the library with a note indicating the name of the teacher that needs the item. We will then check it out to that teacher and make sure he/she gets it. If that is not possible, please email the librarian with the name of the teacher who is now in possession of the item so we can make the checkout transfer.

    Above all, the library staff is here to help you. Please let us know how we can be of assistance.