•  Physical Education Guidelines

     1.  If your child needs to be excused from physical education activities, please write a note to me and have your child bring it to me either at the beginning of the day or when  PE class begins.

     2.  A physician note is required if your student is to miss more than three days of PE.

    3.   If your child is not allowed to participate in PE, then they should rest or read at recess.
     3.  For the safety of your child as well as the liability involved, your child may not be allowed to participate without proper footwear in physical education class.  Proper footwear includes tennis type/sneaker shoes with a flat bottom and the foot fully covered. Crocs, sandals, dress shoes, boots, and any heeled shoes or shoes with wheels are  NOT appropriate types of footwear for physical education class. Your child may not be able to participate if these type of shoes are worn.


    Be Safe, Be Kind, and Be A Mover