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    Pre-AP English II

    Dana Schwartz
    Chisholm Trail HS – Room 806
    3100 NW College Dr.

    Fort Worth, TX 76179

    Conference Period: 2nd (10:00-10:50)
    Tutoring Opportunities: M-F 8:30-8:55; M & W 4:30-5:00

    Class Materials:
    General classroom supplies needed daily – blue or black ink pen; pencil; notebook paper

    Supply to be turned in to teacher – one box of tissue

    Course Description:
     In Grade 10 ELA, the English language arts and reading Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) embody the interconnected nature of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and thinking through the seven integrated strands of developing and sustaining foundational language skills; comprehension; response; multiple genres; author's purpose and craft; composition; and inquiry and research.

    Course Goals:
    Students who complete this course successfully will be able to:

    • Write persuasive essays that maintain a convincing position and sustain focus with a skillful organizing structure, compelling evidence and support, purposeful and precise word choice, and an understanding and control of rhetorical techniques that enhance effectiveness
    • Choose sentences that are purposeful and well controlled
    • Evaluate how the author’s use of syntax, diction, and sensory language creates voice, tone, and meaning
    • Make discerning inferences about literary and informational texts, supporting those inferences with specific and well-chosen textual evidence


    Student Evaluation:
    The grading system for this course is as follows:

    • High School (on-level and Pre-AP) – 60% Major
                                                                                 40% Minor
    • Major grades – tests (including District Common Assessments, six weeks assessments, projects, final essays, research papers, presentations); minimum three per six weeks
    • Minor grades – quizzes, daily assignments, journals; minimum four per six weeks
    • Semester exams will count 1/7 of the semester grade
    • Per Board Policy EIA (LOCAL), “The District shall permit a student who meets the criteria detailed in the grading guidelines a reasonable opportunity to redo an assignment or retake a test for which the student received a failing This policy applies only to initial identified major grades and does not apply to daily assignments, quizzes, six-week test, and semester final examinations. Upon reteach and retest, the new test, project, etc. recorded will be a high score of 70%. 

    Attendance/Make-Up Work:
                    After an excused absence, priority one upon returning to school should be inquiring about what was missed and on scheduling a time for making it up.  This includes absences for school-related activities. I will have regularly scheduled tutorial time (before school, after school and during lunch) to assist with make-up work and/or any other tutorial needs.  It is up to the student to schedule that time. A grade of a zero will be entered into the grade book until the work is made up.

                    Late work will receive a deduction (depending on the number of days late): 

                                                                    1 school day- 80% of the grade received 

                                                                    2 school days- 65% of the grade received 

                                                                    3 school days- 55% of the grade received 


    After 3 days late, a grade of a zero will be given.  Re-take/re-do work must be completed within two days of the graded assignment being entered into Skyward. Major assignments are expected to be turned in ON TIME.


    Classroom Expectations:
    I want to make my expectations as simple as I can; therefore, we will operate according to the CTHS Rangers’ RIDE code.  Essentially, the root of the RIDE code is Respect: Respect for others and yourself through your actions and behaviors.  This translates to being on time, prepared, and respectful of others. 

    Preliminary Schedule of Major Assignments


    Post Writing Assessments:

    1st Six weeks – Literary Nonfiction - Week of 9/24/18

    2nd Six weeks – Argument - Week of 11/12/18

    3rd Six Weeks – Literary Analysis - Week of 1/7/19

    4th Six Weeks – STAAR Persuasive - Week of 2/25/19

    5th Six Weeks – STAAR Persuasive - Week of 3/25/19

    6th Six Weeks – Portfolio Reflection - Week of 5/13/19


    1st Semester Exam – Week of 1/14/19


    Post Reading Assessments:

    1st Six weeks – Literary Nonfiction - Week of 9/10/18

    2nd Six weeks – Argument - Week of 10/29/18

    3rd Six Weeks – Poetry Analysis - Week of 12/17/19

    4th Six Weeks – Expository - Week of 2/18/19

    5th Six Weeks – Expository - Week of 3/25/19

    6th Six Weeks – No Post Reading Assessment


    I look forward to getting to know you and your parents and to partnering with you throughout the school year.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever have any questions or concerns.  Email is always the best way to reach me.