• Photography 2 Syllabus


    Course Description:


    This course will help students become well rounded in the fundamentals of digital photography.  Four areas of instruction will be emphasized: How cameras work, how composition works, how lighting works, and how to use photo editing software. Students will, generally, receive basic instruction, demonstration, and see samples of the desired outcomes. They will be allowed to go outside of the classroom and shoot assignments, based on what they are learning.  Perhaps the most useful part of classroom instruction will be daily reviews of photos students shot the previous day(s).  They will see what makes a successful photo and what does not.


    At the end of this course, you will:

    • Know how to use various features of the camera to have creative control of your photographs.
    • Be able to decide what type of lighting to use in a given situation to produce optimum results.
    • See how photographic composition can make or break a photograph
    • Understand how to use photo editing software to improve the overall appearance of images.
    • Create new images using photo editing software.

    The mode of instruction will consist of:

    • Discussion
    • Demonstration
    • Lecture
    • Observation
    • Peer Collaboration
    • Reading
    • Reflection
    • Student Exploration

     Course Resources:

    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Articles
    • Websites
    • Other  


     Classroom Rules and Expectations are located on the teacher's website


     Please consult the district grading policy  https://www.emsisd.com/cms/lib/TX21000533/Centricity/Domain/4052/Secondary%20GRHB%20Revised%20Jan%202014.pdf. 

    Grades are primarily based on your understanding of skills and the completion of artwork. Grades are not based on talent!

    Portfolio is a collection of your best work. You will be working on your portfolios on a regular basis. You will work independently to develop a portfolio that is counted toward your final semester grade.



    Instructor: Michaela Hanna


    817-232-7112 x 7114


     This course syllabus may change at the discretion of the instructor.