• Classroom Syllabus, Policies, and Procedures   

    Mrs. Robinson – English III



    Contact Information:

    Mrs. Dana Robinson



    Conference Period: 6th


    Course Description:

    Welcome to English 3. I am looking forward to having you in my class this year. Our class will be very interactive with a lot of class participation and visual learning. We will be studying various types of literature and sharpening our writing skills.  We will be covering literature forms.  During your reading you will learn to analyze the text and identify various literary devices that are utilized in order to make you become a more adept and productive reader. We will also be working on writing skills and being an effective, concise communicator. We will work on speaking and listening skills through collaborative group assignments, class discussions, debate, and speech assignments.  We will also complete revision of your written and oral compositions for a variety of audiences and purposes. 


    Classroom Expectations:

    ·         Attend class prepared to work. 

    ·         Follow all school policies.

    ·         Participate in class discussions 

    ·         Students will respect themselves, others and school property.

    ·         Students will be in their assigned seats and prepared for class when class is scheduled to begin.

    ·         Students will be dismissed from class by the teacher, only when work areas are clean. 


    Classroom Rules:

    ·         Be respectful.

    ·         Be courteous.

    ·         Be an active listener and participant. 

    ·         Be punctual. 

    ·         Be responsible.

    • There will be times that cell phones are permitted. They are a great source of information. In order to maintain a respectful climate, all cell phones must be kept on silent. All cell phones should be placed face down so they are not a distraction during these times. Cell phone use should not hinder your ability to complete tasks.
    • IPODS and other music devices are allowed. However, if there are group and class discussions occurring or someone is presenting or speaking, the device should be turned off and removed from your ear. Listening to music while you work is allowed as long as it does not become a distraction.
    • Take care of getting drinks, using the restroom, etc. before class. You will be given THREE (3) hall/bathroom passes per semester. Those not used may be exchanged at the end of the semester for a reward opportunity!! Woohoo! Your passes will be tracked inside your English binder: No Binder = No Pass!   

    ·         Bring a positive attitude and expect a great day!


    Consequences for not following classroom rules:

    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Conversation with Mrs. Robinson
    3. Detention
    4. Parental contact and 2nd detention
    5. Office referral



    You need to have the following supplies for our class:

    Notebook Paper (several packets)

    Box of Markers and/or Map Pencils 

    Box of Kleenex 

    ·         Pen - blue or black ink only.

    ·         Notebook paper (several packets) – we will use a large amount of notebook paper for our Writer's Notebook.

    All students should have access to a good COLLEGE dictionary at home (hardback or paperback does not matter). Either a Merriam Webster or an American Heritage would be good. These can be purchased new at most any bookstore, or may be purchased from many used bookstores. You can also access the dictionary via the internet at www.dictionary.com. We will have a set for your use; however, you will not be able to check one out for home use. 


    Grading Policy

    ·         Major Grades: 60% - Tests, essays, major projects, presentations.

    ·         Minor Grades: 40% - Daily Warm Ups, Homework, Classwork, & Quizzes.  


    Late Work Policy -

    • 1 school day late - maximum score is 85
    • 2 school days late - maximum score is 70
    • 3 school days late - maximum score of 60

    No late work accepted after 3 school business days and a zero is recorded in the grade book.  



    ·         Remember that you are responsible for all information covered during class when you are absent. This includes notes, exam dates, assignments, handouts, special topics of discussion, group and individual work, projects, and special announcements.

    ·         Make-Up Work - You will have time equal to the days you were absent from class plus one day to complete all missed assignments. Make up tests will be administered before or after school to prevent you from missing additional class time. (You must make arrangements for transportation.) Work, including tests, assigned prior to an absence is due on the first day you return.



    Tutorials will be offered Wednesday after school from 4:30-5:00 and Mondays before school 8:30-9:00. 


    Tardy Policy: This is a school wide and tardy consequences will be issued each 6 weeks.  You must have a pass to enter class.  These tardies are accumulated for the students entire school day, not per class period.  In the Spring semester, tardies will count against exemptions.

    1st - 4th Tardy - Warning with Parent Contact

    5th Tardy - 10 minute lunch detention with Parent Contact

    6th Tardy - 20 minute lunch detention with Parent Contact

    7th Tardy - 45 minute lunch detention with Parent Contact

    8th Tardy - Before/After School Detention (30 Minutes) and Parent Contact

    9th Tardy - Before/After School Detention (1 Hour) and Parent Contact

    10th Tardy - ISS/Principal Referal