• To get a letter of recommendation, please use the following links.  They will help the person you ask to write your letter know more about you and write a better letter.

    When given the option, students should ask those people who know them best to write letters of recommendation. That person may be a teacher, coach, sponsor, or someone in the community.

    If you need a letter from your counselor, be sure to have everything to her at least two weeks before your letter is due.  Make sure you tell her where to send your letter of recommendation.

    Student Request  Students should complete this portion.

    Parent Information  Parents should complete this portion.  Students, give your parents directions to get to this link.

    Teacher Recommendation  Two to three teachers should complete this portion.  You will need to email your teachers, asking them if they will do this for you, and giving them a link to this page. 

    All of these should be submitted to the individual writing your letter of recommendation at least two weeks before your letter is due.