• As long as I have been a counselor it has been a dream of mine to have a therapy dog.  In December, 2012,  my parents gave me a Beagle puppy named Millie.  I quickly began checking into the process of certification for Millie.  I was so happy when Mrs. Bragg allowed Millie to come to school on a Friday, for a visit.  The students and staff fell in love with her!   I never imagined that visit would turn into our school having a Counselor's Helper on Fridays.  Many students started working harder and making better choices through the week, so they could visit with Millie on Friday.  Some that were very often tardy, would get to school on time, just so they could pet Millie.
    Millie and I began training in March, 2012, and continue taking various training classes.  We are not a Certified Therapy Team and I am not certain that we will ever test.  However, Millie is a GREAT Counselor's Helper and a Super Beagle!
    Millie the Stegall Beagle      Super Girl   Mrs. Stegall & Millie, the Stegall Beagle