• Notes

    Note #1 - Link to TIPWeb-IM

    https://www.tipwebeaglemtnsaginawisd.com/TIPWeb/login.aspx?   Click Here

    Note #2 - Naming Format
    Use the following Naming Format for - requisitions, adjustments, etc.

    [School Year] - [Campus Initials] - [Date] - [Brief Description]

    example:  18-ABE-1017-Math Books

    Note #3 - Receiving

    Shipment discrepancies must be reported to I.M. Warehouse within (3) Three days of receipt.

    Note #4 - Beginning School Year
    Beginning School Year!

    As a recommendation, each Instructional Materials Coordinator should review the following materials available on your TIPWeb IM system.

    The Support Module is located on the main screen of the TIPWeb _IM system. It is located at the bottom of the page under the “Quick Links” label. It is an orange button labeled “Support Center”.

    In addition to this material, see the video.

    Go to the “Top Videos” section and select “Beginning of Year”.

    Note #5 - Campus Inventory

    This is the End of Year Inventory Plan. State law requires all Districts to conduct a physical inventory of all district-owned Instructional Materials purchased by IMA funds. “19 TAC 66.107(a)” EMS ISD requires each campus the responsibility to administer and sign off for this inventory by the end of the school year. This will be completed in the TIPWeb_IM system as an electronic signature for the 2016-2017 year and in the future.

    To complete this inventory, we will provide each campus a four Phase process to complete this requirement.

    Phase One - Consumable Audit – Review and submittal. (February 28, 2017)

    Phase Two - Preparation – Review worksheet. Review March and April     

    (Nothing is due back to district)
    (Recommended completed review by March 31, 2017)   
    Notes: TIPWeb_IM Adjustments can be requested as following for Curriculum Standard Materials only:

    Paid – Your campus is declaring an item has been paid for in full.

    Destroyed – Your campus is declaring an item has been destroyed. “Destroyed Material is defined as destroyed by fire, flood, or other natural disaster".

    Worn – Your campus is declaring an item is worn. “Worn material defined as material not usable. The material may be returned to the district, but must be boxed and labeled with the label identifying the “Destroyed Adjustment Name”.

    Phase Three – Inventory Needs for New School Year – Review April (Due April 28, 2017)

    Phase Four – Inventory Audit Submittal (Due June 9, 2017)

    Notes: This year charges for missing items will be charged to the campus for this school years inventory. 2016–2017

    It is recommended, but not required all district-owned materials must be stored in your book rooms or a temporary room location for the summer. This includes teacher material.

    All Campus owned materials can be stored any place you decide. Campus-owned teacher material can be left in the classroom.

    Time Line:  





    Phase One




    Consumable Audit




          Due by Feb. 28









    Phase Two




    Prep. Review




               By March 31









    Phase Three




    New School Year Order




          Due by April 28









    Phase Four




    Campus EOY Inventory




          Due by June 9