• Contact Information:
    Name: Jennifer Homan B.S. Education
    Subject: Life Skills  
    Phone: 817.232.7112 Ext. 7152
    Conference: 10:55-11:45 (3rd Period)
    Room Number: 424

    Class Schedule:

    8:00-8:50--0 Period 
    9:05-9:55--1st Period:  Daily Living 
     10:00-10:50--2nd Period: English/Language Arts
    10:55-11:45--3rd Period: Physical Education
    12:45-1:35--5th Period: English/Language Arts
    1:40-2:30--6th Period: Science
    2:35-3:25--7th Period: Science
    3:30-4:20--8th Period: Daily Living 
     I am available to tutor from 8:00-8:40, 12:20-12:35, and after school.