In Money Matters, we will cover the following topics:  
    1. Describe economic systems.
    2. Discuss economic concepts impacting finance.
    3. Describe economic indicators impacting financial decision making.
    4. Determine the impact of global and international trade on business decision making.
    5. Explain the impact of government on business activities in the Free Enterprise System.
    6. Understand the fundamental principles of money.
    7. Facilitate finance activities and the impact on society.
    8. Analyze personal financial needs based on projected economic factors.
    9. Manage personal finances.
    10. Compare and contrast investment strategies.
    11. Demonstrate understanding of methods to manage financial resources for a business.
    12. Simulate obtaining business credit and controlling its use.
    13. Identify potential business threats and opportunities to protect business financial well-being.
    14. Describe financial providers.
    15. Determine financial needs for business development and growth.
    16. Develop a career plan in financial planning.
    This is a one semester class. 
    All topics will be covered but not necessarily in the order they are listed.