• Biometrics & Privacy

    Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD values the privacy of all employees. KRONOS time clocks use a Biometrics system which provides verification, not identification. The badge identifies the employee using an ID number; the biometrics system uses a biometric template to verify the employee's identity. None of the encrypted biometric data will be used for any purpose other than to validate your presence and location at the time of your punch.

    The Biometrics system does not store an image of your fingerprint. Instead, it converts points from your fingertip into an encrypted representation of biometric data using numerical coding. There is NO hard-copy storage of the actual fingerprint image and it CANNOT be reversed once encrypted. Please see the KRONOS Biometrics document for further information related to Biometrics and Privacy.
    All KRONOS employees (new hires) must be Biometrically enrolled in order to punch in and out. Contact the Payroll Department at 817-232-0880, ext. 2979 to schedule an appointment for enrollment.