• Parent Involvement Policy

    Parkview Elementary

    Title I, Part A School Wide Campus



    At Parkview Elementary, we believe student success is related to a strong partnership and communication between the home and school.  We believe parents play a key role in the education of their children, and should be involved in developing a procedure which will achieve maximum effectiveness to create ties between home and school. The Parkview Parent Involvement Policy is one that is reviewed and edited at least annually in order to remain effectiveness in meeting the needs of all children.


    I.                   Requirement:  Involve parents in the joint development of the plan


    How Achieved:            Notices of meetings, meeting agendas, and minutes reflect parent participation.  An interpreter is provided at meetings if requested by the parent. Parents are provided with timely information about meetings, conferences, and school events by:

    (a)   Newsletters

    (b)   School Messenger phone system

    (c)    Email

    (d)   Text Message service

    (e)    Website

    (f)    School sign


    II.                Requirement:  Provide coordination, technical assistance, and other support necessary to assist in planning and implementing effective parent involvement activities to improve student academic achievement and school performance


    How Achieved:  School personnel are primarily responsible for the coordination, assistance, and support of these activities by providing a site and scheduling meetings to be as convenient as possible for parents to attend. Parents are encouraged to attend:

    (a)   Meet the Teacher Night

    (b)   Curriculum Nights

    (c)    Literacy Night

    (d)   Math Night

    (e)    Parenting Classes

    (f)    Conferences

    (g)   PTA meetings


    III.             Requirement:  Build the district’s and parents’ capacity for strong parental involvement


    How Achieved:  The campus listens to parents’ concerns and suggestions and attempts to respond in a timely manner.  Communication between the home and school is vital for strong involvement, and the campus provides various avenues for communication.  Parents are encouraged to:

    (a)    phone or email their child’s teachers personally or contact the principal if they have a concern;

    (b)   refer to the school newsletter, phone calls, text messages, sign, and website for upcoming activities and events

    (c)    log on to the district and campus website for updated and current information,  and

    (d)   attend parent-teacher conferences and review progress reports that are sent home prior to regular report cards if a student is having academic problems.  Parents are contacted regarding any other areas where a one-on-one discussion is requested by school personnel.


    IV.             Requirement:  Coordinate and integrate Title I Part A parental involvement strategies with parent involvement strategies under other programs, such as the Pre-kindergarten program in our district.


    How achieved:  Parents with pre-school children may attend school functions, thus allowing these children to become familiar with school before enrolling in kindergarten. 

    ·         Round up and registration for Pre-K and Kindergarten is scheduled each May/June.  This early registration allows these children an opportunity to get familiar with their school before the school year begins.

    ·         Pre K students from Hafley were invited for a field trip in the Spring 2013 to tour the building and experience Kindergarten with our current students. 

    ·         Academic screenings for incoming Kindergartners were offered in the summer of 2013 to allow students to meet a teacher/staff member, provide some basic academic data, and share areas to address with the parent before school started in the August. 


    V.                Requirement:  Coordinate and integrate Title I Part A Parental Involvement strategies under other federal programs


    How achieved:  Parkview Elementary will coordinate and integrate Title I, Part A services with other educational services, such as Pre-K, ESL, Bilingual, Dyslexia, Gifted and Talented, State Compensatory Education, Special Education, and Technology.


    VI.             Requirement:  Conduct, with the involvement of parents, an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the parent involvement policy to aid in improving the academic quality of Title I, Part A schools, including identifying barriers to greater participation by all parents.  Parkview Elementary will use the findings of this survey to improve strategies for more effective parent involvement


    How achieved:  Parents and school personnel utilize a survey during the 4th nine weeks so that parents may evaluate the effectiveness of our parental involvement policy. From this survey, the campus will solicit ideas for improvement and/or additional activities to consider for increased parental involvement. The information shared will be used to plan activities and services for the following school year.


    VII.          Requirement:   Involve parents in the activities of Title I, Part A schools


    How Achieved:  Parents are encouraged to participate and become involved in the following:

    ·         Read and discuss the student handbook and code of conduct and refer to it as needed

    ·         Emphasize the importance of education and encourage their child’s participation in school activities

    ·         Stay informed about their child’s activities by attending parent conferences and other parent meetings

    ·         Read and sign the parent/student/teacher compact

    ·         Learn about the curriculum, student support services, and activities offered by the district.

    ·         Complete the application for free/reduced lunch

    ·         Provide an up-to-date email and phone number at all times

    ·         Examine assessments their child has taken

    ·         Become knowledgeable of district and state assessment requirements

    ·         Monitor their child’s progress and contact teachers, counselor, or principals as needed

    ·         Call to schedule appointments with school personnel

    ·         Volunteer at school

    ·         Participate in parent organizations such as PTA, who raises money and provides additional programs to support the needs of students and parents in our community

    ·         Become familiar with federally funded programs, such as Title I, that provide important educational support services for Parkview


    This parent involvement policy was developed jointly with the school and parents.  It is based on the needs of our students and parents and was last reviewed on January 14, 2014.  It is available on the school website