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    Mrs. Stacy Daniels

    8th grade ELAR / Pre-AP ELAR


    (817) 847-5143 X 5271

    Conference Period:  10:10AM-10:55AM


     Welcome to English/Language Arts/Reading!  I am really looking forward to this school year!


    Absences:  If you miss a day of class, it is your responsibility to get any make-up work you might have missed.



    P – Prepared for class.

    R – Record assignments in planner.

    I – Individual effort and honesty (no cheating).

    D – Deliver your best work daily.

    E – Excel and Encourage others.


    Behavior:   Observe Highland policies:

    a.     Cell phones are always off & out of sight.

    b.     No Gum!  Candy, drinks & food are not allowed outside the cafeteria.

    c.      Dress appropriately.  When in doubt…DON’T!

    d.     Backpacks remain in your locker.


    Corrections:  Any daily assignment with a failing grade may be corrected up to a 70%.  You can correct the assignment with or without my assistance.  Directions for making corrections are on the front bulletin board.  Please come to tutoring for assistance.


    Daniels Dollars:  Each student will receive 6 Daniels Dollars at the beginning of each six weeks.  I will not give you an extra set if they are lost or stolen, so be careful!  The dollars can be used to go to your locker/library, borrow supplies, etc.  If you misbehave, you will lose money.  Daniels Dollars may not be shared among students.  If you have at least 4 Daniels Dollars at the end of the six weeks, you will be eligible for the incentive/reward (non-academic).   


    Grading:       Major grades (tests, essays, etc.) = 60%

    Daily work (quizzes, assignments, etc.) = 40%


    Late Work:   Late work is defined as any assignment not turned-in on the assigned date.  The following guidelines will be used for late work:

    ·        1 Day Late – 15 points deducted

    ·        2 Days Late – 30 points deducted

    ·        3 Days Late – 40 points deducted


    Reteach/Redo:  If you make a failing grade on a major assessment, you can attend tutorials within 3 days of the grade being posted to Family Access in order to relearn the material.  Then you can retake the assessment and earn a grade up to 70%.  If you make a grade between 70-84% on an assessment, you can attend tutorials to relearn the material and retake the assessment for a grade up to 85%.


    Tardy Policy:           1st Tardy       Verbal Warning

                                        2nd Tardy       Morning Detention

                                        3rd Tardy       After-School Detention

                                        4th Tardy       Saturday School


    Tutoring:  I will be available Tuesday –Thursday from 7:45AM until 8:15 unless I have duty or a conference.  I am also available after school Tuesday-Thursday until 4:00.  If you need help on an assignment or have a question about class, please come to tutoring.


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