• District Invests in Middle School Programming

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    The EMS ISD has developed a vision for our community through our Aspire 2022 strategic plan. Within this framework, each of our departments and schools are challenged with raising our expectations and performance. Therefore, after careful consideration, an investment in programming for our middle school campuses is underway. The EMS ISD Athletics Department Mission is to “inspire champions today and prepare student leaders for their future by fostering an environment of excellence to enable student-athletes to achieve their highest academic, athletic, and personal aspirations.” Below you will find information about new middle school programming.
    Option One:
    A student who desires to play soccer may sign-up for the soccer athletic period. This will be a different athletic period than the regular athletics period. This option would be for the student who ONLY desires to play soccer. The soccer athletic period will be a same grade/mixed gender class. This class will focus on soccer skill development. Soccer season is March through May.

    Option Two:
    A student who desires to play multiple sports, including soccer, will sign-up for the regular athletic period, not the soccer specific athletic period.
    District middle schools will now offer off-season basketball for 7th and 8th grade male and female athletes.  For example, off-season basketball will now be an option for student-athletes who do not wish to participate in football. Off-season basketball will begin in the fall, and students will try out for the team in November. A student not making the basketball team will attend the winter and spring general off-season program.
    Sixth-grade students will have the opportunity to participate in a competitive athletics preparation program.  Students will be taught the fundamentals of team sports as well as learning to develop themselves as individual athletes. This class will have high intensity and expectations for effort from students. Students will be expected to suit out each day. A small fee is associated with this course to off-set the uniform requirement. Financial assistance is available to those in need.

    Lifetime Fitness
    Students who do not desire to play sports in 7th grade will now have the option to participate in the Lifetime Fitness class, which will include individual sports, team games, personal physical fitness, and incorporating a healthy lifestyle into a student’s life.

    *Note: Both classes will incorporate the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) associated with physical education.
    The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD is committed to the community by developing and supporting quality programs. It is our goal to provide convenient access to quality programs in our district’s boundaries.

    Through our commitment of implementing a middle school developmental soccer program and our commitment to level the playing field for our athletes, we will hire additional coaches to serve all middle school athletic programs. We believe that the results of this will be thriving athletic programs throughout the district.

    Q: What do I need to do to register my athlete for the 6th grade pre-athletics class?
    A: Your student is already enrolled in a PE class for the upcoming school year. The first week of class your child will have the opportunity to declare their intentions.
    Q: Is my athlete allowed to participate in the soccer and the general athletic period?
    A: No, a student may only be enrolled in one athletic period during the year.
    Q: What if my athlete does not participate in the 6th grade pre-athletics period and then decides he/she wants to play in the 7th grade?
    A: We will absolutely welcome his/her participation.
    Q: How many new coaching positions were approved for these new programs?
    A: Two soccer coaches and three coaches that will work with our boys and girls programs. In addition, these new positions will provide academic instruction and will reduce the overall student:teacher ratio in our middle schools.
    Q: When will middle soccer practices and games be held?
    A: Practices will be held either before or after school. The designated time will be different for each middle school. Currently, games are held on Thursday evenings beginning in April. All teams will play in one tournament which will be held on a Friday and Saturday.