1. All players must pass all subjects each 6-weeks. Ineligible players cannot compete in tournaments, but they are required to attend practice.

    2. All players must have a physical on file.

    3. All players must attend all practice sessions.

    4. Players must attend practice to be eligible to play in a tournament.

    5. Players must attend all scheduled tournaments.

    6. All players must display high levels of citizenship, sportsmanship, and class at all times. This includes (but is not limited to) shirts tucked in at the course, caps worn the correct way, no loud voices, no profane or vulgar language.

    7. The coach will determine when you will play in a tournament. Various methods will be used to determine who plays in an event. That decision is final.

    8. All players will adhere to a “Zero-Tolerance Policy” regarding drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.

    9. Boys shall not wear earrings. If you wear them at any CTHS function, you will lose the opportunity to continue with the team.

    10. Hair must be neat and clean and out of your eyes.

    Any violation of the above-stated rules may lead you to lose your good standing in regard to the team.


    1. All players must have their own clubs.

    2. Only golf shoes or tennis shoes may be worn. Sandals, flip-flops, slides, and/or boots are not acceptable.

    Clothing must meet CTHS student code of conduct dress code. If it does not, you will not be allowed to go to practice, and you will be marked as unexcused from practice. DENIM is not acceptable and is a violation of the CTHS golf dress code.

    BOYS: Shirts with a collar must be worn to all practices at the golf course. Shirts must be tucked in at all times.

    GIRLS: Shirts without sleeves must have a collar. Shirts with no collar must have sleeves.

    ALL: No tank tops. No t-shirts with messages will be permitted. CTHS sweatshirts may be worn.


    1. Practices will be at held at The Resort, Rockwood, or Hawks Creek GC. The length of the practice will vary according to the plan for the day. Some days it will not be possible to announce the practice site until the beginning of classes that morning.

    2. If there is a question as to whether or not we are having practice (due to weather, etc.) please call or text me after 12:30. The school office will not know the answer to that question.

    3. A practice schedule can be sent via e-mail to any address you wish to have it sent to. This is the best way for parents and players to stay informed with the ongoing events. Not reading an e-mail is not a reason to miss an event.



    1. Every player must have golf clubs and a bag when playing on the course.

    2. All scorecards must be turned in at the end of play.

    3. Players must abide with course rules and take care of the course.

    4. All players must check-in at the golf shop prior to play - unless informed otherwise.


    A player may be dismissed from the team and class for any of the following reasons:

    1. Failing one or more classes in any two 6-weeks grading periods.

    2. Three (3) absences from practice. Dress code violations count as an absence. You must contact me if you will not be at practice.

    3. Any disciplinary action which results in OCS, suspension, expulsion or other reasons the coach feels resulted from a severe or dangerous act.

    4. Signs of being uncoachable.

    5. Violations of the “zero-tolerance drug policy.”

    6. A second offense of cheating on a score (practice or tournament).

    7. Any act the coach feels is detrimental to or a poor representation of the Ranger Golf Team.

    8. Any absence from a scheduled tournament.


    1. Do your best on every shot, whether it is practice, play or tournament. We do not have enough time to take shots for granted.

    2. Play each shot like it is the most important thing in your life.

    3. Realize that golf is a game and that it isn’t the most important thing in your life.

    4. Have fun and get better.

    5. Qualify for Regional / State.


    To receive a letter jacket, you must play in a varsity tournament and be in good standing on the team. Each player shall purchase their own jacket and patches.


    1. You must be ready to practice when practice begins.

    2. You must be at practice.

    3. 3 points will be deducted if you miss practice without prior notification. 10 points for missing a tournament. Phone calls the day of the event are not acceptable.