1.  K-5 I don't care how old your kids are, read with your kids daily.  When you read something aloud as a family, it builds trust, models for them good habits, improves reading skills, aides in comprehension, adds to their vocabulary, and so much more.
    2. Listen to your kids daily.  Look at your kids in the eyes and listen attentively to each one "on purpose."  Ask them open ended questions like, "What was the best/worst thing about your day?" "What did you do today that helped someone?" What made you happy/sad?"  Invest in listening to your kids, so when they are 17 or 18, they know you'll really listen to them when they need you.
    3. Write at least once a week (and more if you can).  Fill up a journal with daily recaps, make a mailbox in your house and write notes to each other, write letters to out of town loved ones, etc. Just write!!!