I. Grading:

                    A.  Participation - EMSISD strictly enforces a mandatory participation policy. Failure to participate will result in disciplinary

          Action. The first time a student does not participate, they will be assigned detention. The second time will result in a phone call

          Home and two hours of Saturday School. After three or more occasions of not participating, a referral will be sent to the office.

    B. Dress Out –. Students who do not dress out will not be allowed to participate. Loaner clothes will be provided up to three

          Occasions per six weeks with a partial deduction from the daily grade provided that the student participates. The fourth time a

    Student does not have their PE clothes a phone call home will be made and detention will be assigned. After five or more occasions will result in a referral.

    Each student begins each week of the six weeks with a 100%. Students can lose a maximum of 20 points daily due to not dressing out. Athletic tennis shoes are included in the mandatory P.E. attire. If students use loaners and participate, they will lose only 10 points for the day. Failure to participate will result in loss of 20 points for the day and disciplinary action.

                    C. Quizzes and in class assignments: Homework, notes, and quizzes will be given during the course of the semester. Students

          will need to keep a notebook for such assignments.

                    D. Grading Breakdown – Dressing out/participation: 90%, Quizzes: 10%

                    E. Final Exam – The final exam is worth 20% of the semester grade and will consist of questions taken from previous notes,

                       assignments, and tests. 

                    F. SAC – Any day a student is placed in SAC, they must complete the following assignment. If this assignment is not completed,

                         Dress out and participation points will be deducted for that day. Assignment - Write a one page summary over a newspaper or

                         Magazine article about any topic covered in physical education, an individual or team sport, health, fitness, nutrition, etc.

                    G. Parent / Dr. Note – Students must have a signed note from a doctor, parent, or school nurse to be excused for a period of

                         Activity. A doctor’s note is the only notification that can last beyond one class period. Students unable to participate may be

                         asked to do a written assignment. A parent note will only be accepted on the day of or the day after sitting out.

                    *    Penalties and deductions will be valid throughout a six-week grading period. The new grading period will begin with no

                          penalties or deductions.


    II. Dressing Out:

    A.      Each student must wear the official Boswell PE uniform which will be given to them during the first week of the semester. The cost of replacing shorts will be $15 and shirt will be $5. Students who are not wearing athletic shoes, issued shirt and shorts, will lose daily points. *Clothing must be intact. *Shirt sleeves and midriffs may not be cut.  *Athletic shoes are mandatory, shoes that are hard soled or leave black scuff marks on the floor will not be permitted. *Uniformed athletic wear promotes unity and school pride. *Students may not wear their school clothes under their uniform. *Students will be allowed a minimal amount of time to dress out and dress again. * Students wishing to shower must bring their own towel. Personal hygiene is very important and promoted but with that being said showers are not mandatory.

    B. Each student will be assigned a locker and issued a combination. Locking up all valuable items during class is highly recommended, Boswell will not be responsible for lost or stolen items in

                         the dressing room or the gyms. This is why you are issued a locker. LOCK IT UP.

                    C. On cold weather days, students need to bring warm-ups to wear over their PE uniform as outside activities are part of the

          curriculum. Headwear to protect the ears is also recommended.


    III. Equipment:

                    A. All students can be expected to help in setting up, taking down, or putting away equipment on occasion.

                    B. Students will not be allowed to go back in to dress until all equipment is accounted for and a coach has given permission to


    IV. Discipline:

    A. When a whistle blows and or a coach is speaking, all movement, activity and conversation must cease. Regardless of which  coach is speaking, students will  be respectful and do as requested. Failure by a student to follow any reasonable request can result in a referral.

                    B. Profanity, degrading language, arguing, horseplay, cheating or abusing school property and equipment will not be tolerated.

                    C. Sportsmanship, fair play, and cooperation are required at all times.

                    D. Students will be expected to conduct themselves in a safe orderly manner and as rules in the student code of conduct will apply

                         during physical education.

                    E. Referrals will be given automatically to any student who enters an off limit area without coaches permission. 


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