• Senior Central

    Seniors! This is it! Your last year before you head out into the world and become "official" grown ups! :)

    Since this isn't your first time on the block, I know there will be less to cover with you in class on various procedures.  However, every teacher is slightly different, so we will be covering the items in the syllabus on the first day of class. If there are questions I have not covered here, please feel free to email me at jmanis@ems-isd.net.


    To students & parents:

    In an effort to save the rainforest, I have decided to give you the option of how you would prefer to receive the class syllabus before I make copies for every student. If you prefer not to review the syllabus on this site, and would like your own copy of the syllabus, please send me an email (link above), I would be happy to reply with a copy of the syllabus. If you would prefer a hardcopy of the syllabus, please indicate your request in the email and I will give one to your student by the end of the week.