Spanish 2 Syllabus                                               


    Spanish 2 Syllabus                                               

    Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year. I am so excited for a new year and hope you are excited as well. I cannot wait to begin the journey through the rich history and culture that the Spanish language provides.

    What should you expect?

    Spanish 2 is a course that requires the skills of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and learning the cultural elements of the language. Should expect to be talking A LOT!   In order to facilitate this process, I have incorporated several tools and rules that I expect the students to utilize and follow.  The expectations and resources below:


    Course Expectations:                                                                                                         

    Students are expected to:

    • Arrive on time to class.
    • Turn work in by the due date. (Consequences explained in the grading handbook)
    • Speak, read, and write in Spanish as well as listen to the teacher in Spanish. 

    (Some English will be spoken, but primarily for clarification at the end of class.)

    • Practice outside of class on computer with various exercises.  
    • Practice vocabulary daily.

    .        Practice using duo-lingo app

    • Read and listen to Spanish inside and outside of class.

    .        Need internet to get into canvas

          - Need to log into Clever 


    1 ½ inch binder 


    Grading Policy   

    Major grade          60%                                                                                      

    Minor grade          40%   

    Mission Statement:

    My mission is to enable my students to enjoy the study of the Spanish language and culture in order to instill in them a desire to become life-long learners of the language.


    Respect yourself, the teacher, others, and school property. 

    Insist on academic integrity (Cheating only cheats you!) 

    Always try your best! Come prepared to work daily.  Arrive on time to class. 

    Electronic Equipment is for educational purposes only – Please ask permission. 

    Stay on task.

     Daily Expectations:

     Engage in conversations – In Spanish

     Seek help from teacher and others when you don’t understand

     Participate, prepare, practice, present – In Spanish

     Aim high and achieve goals

     Ñip negativity


    Listen, learn, and lead


     Behavior Modification Practices:

    1.            Verbal warning
    2.            Private conversation with student/directive to modify behavior
    3.            Change in seating
    4.           Phone call/e-mail to parent
    5.            Office referral


    Students in Level 2 are expected to reach a Novice High – Intermediate Low Proficiency Level at completion of that level of study.  

    Intermediate Low students express meaning in straightforward and personal contexts, by combining and recombining what they know, what they read, and what they hear in short statements and sentences. They are able to understand some information from simple connected statements in oral or written sources. Intermediate Low students are generally understood by sympathetic listeners and readers accustomed to dealing with language learners. Intermediate Low students are inconsistently successful when performing Intermediate-level tasks.

    Looking forward to a great and exciting year of learning!

    Coach Lopez