• Communication with the Board of Trustees

    The Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Board of Trustees is here to serve the teachers, students, and parents of the district. They oversee the Central Office Administration and govern the district in all matters.

    If you are a parent or community member and should wish to contact a Board member, whether for a comment, suggestion or concern please follow the process below. These actions are part of our STEPS Program to conflict resolution.





    STEP 1: Contact the Staff Member involved. The most direct and expedient way to resolve a concern is to talk first to the person that is involved, be it a teacher, coach, etc. The majority of concerns can be resolved by talking directly to the party involved.
    If your concerns are not addressed by talking with the person involved, then:

    STEP 2: Contact the Campus Administrator. The campus principal and assistant principal(s) are responsible for the school's operation. Explanations of policies and procedures, various clarifications and all types of campus information are available in campus administration offices. 

    If your concerns are not addressed by talking with the Campus Administrator, then:

    STEP 3: Contact a Central Office Administrator. This may be a director, chief officer, deputy superintendent, or the superintendent. This step should be taken only after steps one and two have not resolved the concern.

    If your concerns are not addressed by talking with a Central Office Administrator, then:

    STEP 4: Contact the Board of Trustees. There are several ways you can communicate with the Board of Trustees, click here for contact information.

    If your concerns are not addressed by talking with the Board of Trustees, then:

    STEP 5: Grievance. If you have tried all of the STEPS above and feel like your concern has still not been resolved, you have the option to file a Level 1 Grievance. Click here to download a Grievance packet.