•  Class Rules:

    Be respectful of others
    Do your best work (show your work)
    Follow directions
    All math is done in pencil (make sure you have one) 
    Grading Policy:
    60 %  Major grades include tasks and projects
    40%   Minor grades include warm-ups, quizzes, doing your best and participation
    Because we will not be having tests, it is important that the students do their best on all of the assignments. We will also try not to have homework. If they don't work consistently and do their best (showing their work) then they may give themselves homework.
    If you notice that your student is having a particularly difficult time in their regular math class then please let me know. I am available for tutoring before school starting at 7:45 and after school until 4:15. Please let me know ahead of time if they are staying after school.
    My email is rbaker01@ems-isd.net