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    If you are limited on time, then you may find that studyspanish.com is just the site for you. Go to the grammar tab, then type in a topic from our grammar concept for that day. You can read about the concept in English. When you are confident that you understand the concept, then you may take a quiz. Studyspanish will then grade your quiz. It's that simple! (You will also find helpful vocabulary under the vocabulary tab.)

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    Current Topics:
    Spanish I  > Grammar >   Gender of Nouns,  Definite and Indefinite Articles, numbers 1 - 30, Subject Pronouns
    Spanish I  > Verb Drills > The verb Ser 
    Spanish II  > Verb Drills > Present Tense Regular Verbs > The verbs Ser and Estar 
    This is an easy way to test your readiness in Spanish verbs.  
    Go to Spanish on the left tab
    Select Present Tense Verbs