counseling hand
  • Guidance gives our students some valuable tools to become the wonderful, kind, and contributing members of society that we dream for them to be. Through lessons that highlight our CREST values, Compassion, Respect, Excellence, Service, and Teamwork, we reinforce our expectations across all curriculum lines and throughout the entire campus.

    Guidance lessons are taught through the library during the 3rd week of the month. I either work directly with them or they are able to work through a guidance lesson on the computer which sends the results to me. 

    Each month we have a specific focus:

    September: Responsible Behavior: Starting out the new school year means we do our best. We will be introducing ourselves and celebrating new beginnings and new friends. This aligns with our campus values of Compassion, Respect, Excellence, Service, and Teamwork.

    October: Bullying/Cyberbullying: We want treats, not tricks this month, and we are not going to tolerate any ugliness! Defining bullying and helping each other find comfortable and acceptable ways to handle bullying as a recipient and a bystander, we can create a safe and loving environment for everyone! This aligns with our campus values of Compassion, Respect, Service, and Teamwork.

    November: Motivation to Achieve: As we approach Thanksgiving, being able to be thankful for our blessings regardless of how large or how small makes us better Northbrook Blazers, better friends, and better students. Through thankfulness we can remember to do our best in every situation even if our best might vary day to day. We will be defining how to stay motivated, help motivate each other, and how to cope with not feeling motivated at all. This aligns with our campus values of Compassion, Respect (for ourselves and others), Excellence, and Teamwork. 

    December: Conflict Resolution: Holidays can bring high emotional levels at both ends of the positive and negative spectrum. This month, we will use holiday stories to help learn how to identify emotions stemming from inner conflicts, how to reframe our emotions to reduce our feeling out of control, and how to help each other stay calm. This aligns with our campus values of Compassion, Respect, and Service.

    January: Interpersonal and Communication Skills: We will recognize and appreciate kindness in ourselves and others by reading "How Full is Your Bucket". This aligns with our campus values of Compassion, Respect, and Service.

    February:Self Knowledge and Acceptance: We will identify traits in ourselves and others that we can be proud of and that make us an irreplaceable part of the Northbrook community. Outlining those traits, we will appreciate the diversity in our classrooms. This aligns with our campus values of Compassion (for ourselves and others), Respect, and Teamwork.

    MarchGoal Setting: As spring approaches, we are looking toward the newness of growth. We will be setting goals to revisit at the end of the year to check our success. We will plant seeds and monitor our progress of growth when we commit to feeding and watering our "goals". This aligns with our campus values of Excellence and Teamwork. 

    April: Decision Making/ Problem Solving: Building off of our March's lesson of Goal Setting, we are going to discuss what impact our decisions have on those goals. We will revisit the goals we set in March and evaluate our progress so far and what adjustments we need to make in order to get where we are going and how we can help or hurt each other in our goal achievement. This aligns with our campus values of Compassion, Respect, Excellence and Teamwork. 

    May: Career Planning: Our excitement toward the summer is mounting and we are thinking about what we are going to be doing over the summer and in the future. We are going to look at different careers and see the various responsibilities and exciting characteristics of different jobs and careers. We will discuss college as a career preparation option as well as other options for success. 

    As the school counselor, my day is not complete without making a connection with my students of Northbrook. I absolutely love my guidance weeks and when we have an opportunity to learn together, our community is solidified. Parents, thank you for sharing your beautiful and amazing children with us. We Love Them!